Maharaja Agrasen Group of Hospitals


Laboratory Services

Fully computerized Laboratory having latest state-of-the-art equipments. Department consists of Haematology, Clinical Pathology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology & Serology, Histopathology & Cytology. All these sub departments provide good quality reports of various samples such as blood, Urine, Stool, Sputum, CSF, Various Body Fluids and Tissues after due check by internal standards run daily to maintain good quality results.

All the blood samples for Laboratory investigations are collected by using vacutainer systems, which avoid contamination and undue deterioration of blood samples. Laboratory functions round-the-clock and samples are analysed as-and-when received. Laboratory has dedicated responsible and efficient medical and technical staff.
Haematology & Clinical Pathology

All haematological tests like Haemoglobin, Total and Differential Leucocytes Count including Haemogram, Aneamia and Thalassemia are carried out on automated analyzerFully Automatic Analyser. Coagulation Profile is carried out using Coagulometer of Diagnostica Stago while Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HbA1c) to check control of Diabetes Mellitus is estimated by Bio-Rad System and Nyco-meter. Detection of Malaria by serological method is also carried our besides the microscopic examination of peripheral smear. Bone marrow studies for diagnosis of various types of haematological disorders including Blood Cancer is carried out daily. External quality control programme is monitored by EQAS Programme of Bio-Rad and from All India Institute of Medical Science.

Haematology Analyser (AcT5DiffAL)

1) Latest model with latest version Haematolgy machine from BECKMAN CULTER (USA).
2) Fully automatic with higher testing capacity (80 samples per hour).
In this section of laboratory, all the biochemical test like blood sugar, liver function tests, cardiac and kidney profile etc. are conducted by using Fully Automate Analysers. Arterial Blood Gas and Electrolytes estimation are conducted in automated machine from ROCHE COBAS B121. The Blood levels of various antiepileptic drugs are estimated so that close monitoring can be carried out scientifically. All the investigations are done after carrying out the day-to-day control checks only.

Chemistry Analyser (AU-480)
1) Latest model with latest version from BECKMAN COULTER (USA)
2) Higher testing capacity (800 samples per hour)

It is the section of Laboratory, which deals with the diagnosis of infection. For diagnosis of bacterial & fungal infection, Cultures are performed of various clinical samples such as blood, urine, pus, sputum, body fluids, stool etc. For rapid and authentic reports, microbiology section is equipped with following state-of-the-art instruments.

Rapid Blood Culture machine BACTEC 9050 of B.D. Co. (USA) – By this instrument positive cultures can be obtained as early as within 8 hours, enabling early diagnosis and early treatment of severely ill patients.

Automated bacterial identification and automated antibiotic sensitivity machine Mini API of Bio Meriux (France) Co. Rapid AFB Culture machine ABCTEC-460 of B.D. Co. (USA) Positive culture for tuberculosis can be obtained as early as within 1st or 2nd week by this machine. Again, this helps in early diagnosis and early treatment of patients of tubeculosis.
Immunology & Serology

Immunology includes various tests for Thyroid Profile, Fertility hormones. Infectious disease, Autoimmune markers, Cancer makers, Allergy markers, Metabolic markers and Hepatitis markers. For authentic and rapid reports, we have 3 Immune Systems

Fully Automated AIA Random access Elisa System by TOSHO, Japan – AIA 360 & AIA 600

Semi-Automated Elisa Reader by Sunrise Tecan – Austria.

External Quality Control Programme is monitored by EQAS Programme of Bio-Rad Co.

Serology tests include VDRL, Widal, Syphilis Antibody Test, Leptospira etc. Rapid Diagnosis is also done with the help of card tests for many important disease like :- Typhoid Fever, Meningitis, Dengue Fever, Hepatitis, HIV. Smear examination for various bacteria, protozoa and fungi also help in establishing quick diagnosis. Latest test for Dengue fever (Dengue NS-1 Antigen) is also being done. External Quality Control is monitored by Internal – Laboratory Q.C. Check.
Histopathology & Cytopathology
Tissue diagnosis of infections of various type and detections of cancer etc. from Biopsy and Cytology Specimen (Pap Smear/ FNAC) is regularly carried out using Automatic Tissue Processor (Shandon, UK) Cytospin (Shandon, UK) and other common equipment, besides, the routine staining by Haemotoxyline/ Eosin, Giemsa stain and many special stains are also done as a routine.